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The Full Scope of Our Services


product DESIGN

Many of our members come from the world of Industrial Design, so it’s only natural that we play to our strengths. Having worked in different industries and developed myriad products, from sketching to prototyping, we can do what you need from soft goods to complex electronics housings.

Package Development

Secondary packaging is fast becoming as important as the product itself. We have extensive experience in secondary and tertiary packaging, specializing in e-commerce and sustainable options.


Some of our members are world-class photographers. Whether it’s product photos or head-shots, we have the ability and desire to deliver great images. If you need beautiful photos captured to use digitally or printed, mounted, and framed, it’s our pleasure.


Moving pictures. Everyone has a video online these days. We can not only plan it, we can film, edit, and produce it. Advertising, informational, instructional - they all film the same. Beyond that, it’s just syntax.

mechanical engineering

The grown-up part of product development ensures that your product will function and be produced. There’s no sense in creating a new product that doesn’t work, so our Engineers are a key part of every physical product. The last thing we want to do is waste your time and money.

design strategy

Long before product development starts, you have to make a concrete plan. We can help. Our members are well versed in strategically implementing design changes and assessing areas that can benefit from improvement.


We know how to make things, from bottles to surgery devices to aircraft. It’s safe to say that if you have a product to be made, we have someone with experience making it. On the off chance we don’t, we;ll fond someone.


With the help of multiple partners, we can scan and analyze your parts or prototypes, compare the actual to nominal, and reverse engineer a wide variety of products. High quality geometry data is important and whether we create it in-house or gather from existing products, we insist on the best.

modeling & simulation

In order to shortcut the development process we use advanced modeling and simulation techniques to predict how your product will react to real world stresses long before anything is produced. Early M&S not only saves money, it decreases time to market and increases the chances of a successful product.

project management

Can you use someone to wrangle suppliers and third-parties? We have extensive experience managing projects for some of the largest companies in the world. Rest assured, your directive is as good as done with The Autonomous Collective.


There are certain things we can produce in-house, but we have extensive means of producing most anything you can think of. From visual to functional, we can make a mock-up for you; we want to take the worry and hassle of prototyping away

You tell us

Honestly, between our secondary and tertiary contacts, we probably know someone who has expertise in your area of need. And like us, assuredly they like to make money. We pay them to help us help you, all while avoiding excess overhead. Simple.

At The Autonomous Collective, we care about the Oxford Comma.