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Our members have been creating breakthrough products for over a decade

The Autonomous Collective, LLC is a design and engineering consulting business that leverages the combines talents of disparate professionals from various fields to provide outstanding service and quality at a low price. We do this by eliminating overhead and streamlining the project management process. Members of the collective are joined under the LLC and may all participate in sales, project management, technical advisory, and execution.




West Chester, Ohio

(It’s just north of Cincinnati, but we travel well)



Our Core Services

product Design

Many of our members come from the world of Industrial Design, so it’s only natural that we play to our strengths. Having worked in different industries and developed myriad products, from sketching to prototyping, we can do what you need from soft goods to complex electronics housings.

package development

Secondary packaging is fast becoming as important as the product itself. We have extensive experience in secondary and tertiary packaging, specializing in e-commerce and sustainable options.

mEchanical engineering

The grown-up part of product development ensures that your product will function and be produced. There’s no sense in creating a new product that doesn’t work, so our Mechanical Engineers are a key part of every physical product.


Long before product development starts, you have to make a concrete plan. We can help. Our members are well versed in strategically implementing design changes and assessing areas that can benefit from improvement.

Modeling & simulation

In order to shortcut the development process we use advanced modeling and simulation techniques to predict how your product will react to real world stresses long before anything is produced. Early M&S not only saves money, it decreases time to market and increases the chances of a successful product.

project management

Can you use someone to wrangle suppliers and third-parties? We have extensive experience managing projects for some of the largest companies in the world. Rest assured, your directive is as good as done with The Autonomous Collective.

What makes us different?


As our name suggests, we are a collection of designers, engineers, and experts that act on our own accord within the structure of the company. The Autonomous Collective is managed by Principal Members - those for whom this is their full time job. The Principals then call upon other members to complete the project. Members are recruited as needed for different projects depending on their expertise and availability.

Our Principal Members are not only executing the technical project work but also drive sales, engage customers, manage their projects, and track hours. This seems like a lot, but it is largely what the members were doing at their former jobs; by giving our Principals the freedom and responsibility of sales, we ensure that our quotes are accurate and our clients in good hands. Disciplinary teams will work together as needed to contact clients, drive sales, and create proposals.

Every project will have one or more Main Members who are ultimately responsible for the project. By necessity, the member who brought in the project or who is in closest contact will be a Main, as will anyone else contributing a large amount of technical services to the project. Mains act as lead project managers and salesmen for each of their projects, meaning a single member is responsible for client communication, pricing, delegating work, and ensuring its completion. All projects must be approved by the Principals and all members involved will meet to discuss the work and estimate timelines before a proposal is created. We don’t like surprises.

The reality is that The Autonomous Collective can expand to fill a need in any market required; that’s the beauty of a collective. The company, merely by finding a suitable member or consultant, can complete any task without the need to substantively alter our structure or completing a detailed hiring process. Any third- party consultants/contractors/freelancers can be added into our capabilities with minimal collective involvement. The ability to add capabilities as needed provides us with a flexibility not easily matched by traditional consulting firms.



With whom have we worked?

To whom does design address itself: to the greatest number, to the specialist of an enlightened matter, to a privileged social class? Design addresses itself to the need.
— Charles Eames


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